These are some things I’ve written.

Apron [ Bash ]

A testsuite and mocking framework for bash. repo

Burp [ C ]

A simple AUR uploader for Arch Linux with cookie support. No excuses, just burp. repo

Cower [ C ]

A simple AUR agent for Arch Linux with a pretentious name. repo

Expac [ C ]

A data extraction tool for alpm databases with a focus on flexibility. repo

Geninit [ Bash/C ]

Modular initramfs creation. (obsolete, functionality merged into “mkinitcpio”: repo

Gobble [ Go ]

Flexible package cache cleaning for Pacman. repo

Modtree [ C ]

Hierarchical dependency viewer for kernel modules. repo

Pkgfile [ C ]

An alpm database files explorer. Finds package owners for files even if they aren’t installed. repo

Ponymix [ C ]

Simple command line control for PulseAudio – mostly aimed at usage by window manager keybindings. repo

SquashFu [ Bash ]

A dynamic backup solution which allows compression and an arbitrary number of incrementals. Suitable for single users. repo